Worldnet and Big Tam Vets day one schedules

FOLLOWING Sunday’s draw for both the Worldnet and Big Tam Vets tournaments, which take place on the weekend of 15/16 July, the schedule for day one has now been confirmed.

Timings and draw details for day two will follow in due course.

Pitch I has been reserved for friendlies, which can be booked with tournament organisers Andrew Kilduff and Jimmy Atkinson via the IFA Email list.

Pitch A
10:30 Wimbledon vs A Lens A
11:20 Ayr vs Cambridge
12:10 Wimbledon A vs Bury A
13:00 Ayr vs Bury B
13:50 Wimbledon A vs West Ham
14:40 Ayr vs Peterborough

Pitch B
10:30 Bury A vs West Ham
11:20 Bury B vs Peterborough
12:10 Lens A vs West Ham
13:00 Cambridge vs Peterborough
13:50 Lens A vs Bury A
14:40 Cambridge vs Bury B

Pitch C
10:30 Rochdale vs Rotherham
11:20 Runcorn vs Ipswich
12:10 Rochdale vs Preston A
13:00 Runcorn vs Preston B
13:50 Rochdale vs Grimsby
14:40 Runcorn vs Southampton

Pitch D
10:30 Preston A vs Grimsby
11:20 Preston B vs Southampton
12:10 Rotherham vs Grimsby
13:00 Ipswich vs Southampton
13:50 Rotherham vs Preston A
14:40 Ipswich vs Preston B

Pitch E
10:30 Wolves vs Hearts
11:20 Hull City vs Kidderminster
12:10 Wolves vs Aberdeen
13:00 Hull City vs Port Vale
13:50 Wolves vs Watford
14:40 Hull City vs Man United

Pitch F
10:30 Aberdeen vs Watford
11:20 Port Vale vs Man United
12:10 Hearts vs Watford
13:00 Kidderminster vs Man United
13:50 Hearts vs Aberdeen
14:40 Kidderminster vs Port Vale

Pitch G
10:00 Man City vs Halifax
10:40 Barnsley vs Doncaster
11:30 Man City vs RC Lens B
12:10 Barnsley vs Alloa
13:00 RC Lens B vs Halifax
13:40 Man City vs Wimbledon B
14:20 Barnsley vs Darlington
15:10 RC Lens B vs Wimbledon B

Pitch H
10:00 Wimbledon B vs Stevenage
10:40 Alloa vs Darlington
11:30 Halifax vs Wimbledon B
12:10 Doncaster vs Darlington
13:00 Man City vs Stevenage
13:40 RC Lens B vs Stevenage
14:20 Doncaster vs Alloa
15:10 Halifax vs Stevenage

Pitch J Vets
10:00 Everton vs Brentford
10:40 Peterborough Vets vs Man Utd Vets
11:20 Everton vs Halifax Vets
12:00 Airdrie vs Man Utd Vets
12:40 Everton vs Oxford Vets
13:20 Airdrie vs Watford Vets
14:00 Brentford vs Oxford Vets
14:40 Peterborough Vets vs Watford Vets
15:20 Brentford vs Stockport

Pitch K Vets
10:00 Portsmouth vs Airdrie
10:40 Grimsby Vets vs Pompey OAP
11:20 Oxford Vets vs Stockport
12:00 Grimsby Vets vs Ipswich Vets
12:40 Brentford vs Halifax Vets
13:20 Grimsby Vets vs Bury Vets
14:00 Everton vs Stockport
14:40 Pompey OAP vs Ipswich Vets
15:35 Man Utd Vets vs Watford Vets

Pitch L Vets
10:00 Halifax Vets vs Oxford Vets
10:40 Ipswich Vets vs Bury Vets
11:20 Portsmouth vs Watford Vets
12:00 Pompey OAP vs Bury Vets
12:40 Portsmouth vs Peterborough Vets
13:20 Halifax Vets vs Stockport
14:00 Portsmouth vs Man Utd Vets
15:35 Airdrie vs Peterborough Vets