Rule Amendments 2019/20

Back in February, you may recall that we encouraged teams to complete as many games as possible so that the implementation of rules for the 2019/20 season.

Following feedback, we have decided to implement the following rules for the 2019/20 season to encourage teams to make the journey to their respective afternoon games and to play more regular matches which is, after all, why we are here! The amended rules are as follows and a full list of the rules can be found here;

A league and cup  entry form will be circulated in due course.

1.Arranging Matches

1.1 Matches are usually proposed via email between team organisers a few weeks or months in advance.

1.2 Typically the home team organiser will invite the away team to play in the morning on a day when their supported clubs are playing each other in the afternoon, Organisers will then canvas their respective mailing lists or forums for available players, and if both receive enough interest the match will go ahead. Such matches are referred to as ‘Double Header fixtures’.

1.3 If teams do not receive enough interest to fulfil a Double Header fixture, they are not permitted to play any other IFA fixture on the same date.

1.4 If your opposition cannot raise a team for a double header fixture, whether home or away, teams must inform the Committee ahead of organising an alternative fixture to replace it.

1.5 The Committee will use a 90 minute rule to determine if alternative fixtures can go ahead. Teams must be able to get to their main team’s afternoon fixture within 90 minutes, otherwise the fixture will not count towards the IFA league.

1.5 Teams in Scotland are to inform the IFA Scotland league organiser which two dates their double headers will be played, as the ‘main teams’ will play each other 3 or 4 times in the league over the course of the season.

1.6 When a team does not have a possible double header fixture on any given Saturday they are free to invite any passing team, or make arrangements to play a local team within 90 minutes from home, who also do not have a possible double header fixture.

1.7 Exceptions may be granted to to accommodate IFA British Cup fixtures subject to agreement by the committee.

12. IFA Cup Matches

12.2 For teams to be eligible for the 2019/20 IFA British Cup, teams need to have completed a minimum of 7 fixtures within the IFA British League during the 2018/19 season. Teams will be ineligible to enter unless this criteria is met