WorldNet & BigTamVets 2021 – Team Registration Now Live

Team Registration for WorldNet & BigTamVets 2021

As a reminder, all attendees MUST follow the IFA Covid-19 code of behaviour at all times which must be circulated to all participants. This is available here:

  • All attendees MUST complete a Lateral Flow test for Covid-19 before arrival and no earlier than 15.7.21, which MUST produce a Negative result for Covid-19.
  • Team manager/organisers to hold all Lateral Flow Test results for spot checking by tournament organisers and are responsible for ensuring they have taken place.
  • Only players registered will be eligible for IFA WorldNet and BigTamVets competitions
  • For BigTamVets, a team must have at least 9 players on the pitch at all times who are over 35 years of age as of the 16th July 2021. ID checks may be completed on players to ensure this rule is followed

This form must be completed by Wednesday 14th July.