English league added to 2013/14 schedule

The IFA committee has spent much of the last month discussing rules and management of the IFA for next season, 2013/14. Full rules have been circulated to all teams and many of the rules remain unchanged, but the key changes are below;

1. IFA English and Scottish Leagues
As of the coming season, English and Scottish Leagues will run alongside the IFA League. The Scottish league has operated well for a number of years and the committee has acted on feedback from a number of teams in England to bring parity between the nations.

2. League entry
In order to enter the IFA Leagues, all teams will be asked to circulate the rules and IFA Spirit documents among their squad, then confirm their adherence to the attached rules and playing in the IFA Spirit by Email.

3. WorldNET entry

Any UK based team wishing to enter WorldNET 2014 will need to complete a minimum of three IFA League fixtures before 2nd March 2014. Overseas teams that have participated in the past will still be welcome to attend. In the event of insufficient numbers entering the tournament or new overseas teams wishing to play, exceptions to these criteria may be made at the discretion of the IFA committee.

Full details and instructions for teams can be found on the Email sent to the IFA mailing list.