Eligibility of Players & Teams 2019/20

AS part of us looking to continually improve the IFA for all, as a Committee we are currently reviewing the rules for entry to our organisation including League, Cup and our flagship Worldnet competitions.

We would encourage all IFA teams to complete as many league fixtures, especially “double header” games, as possible by the end of the season (Saturday 25th May 2019) should you wish to participate as normal in our Worldnet, League and Cup competitions in the 2019/20 season.

We will inform teams once eligibility terms for the 2019/20 season have been discussed by the Committee, which we anticipate will be during March.

We are also reviewing eligibility of players within several IFA sides. We shouldn’t have to give this reminder, but playing individuals who are currently playing at a significantly “higher” level to gain a competitive advantage in any of our competitions, is not a very-IFA thing to do.

The participation of “ringers” of any description is very much unacceptable, and we should not need to remind teams of this. There’s a local Saturday or Sunday league who will happily take you should you not be able to follow this rule (Rule 5, see our rules here: https://www.internetfootball.org.uk/general-ifa-rules/ )

Should any organisers have any suggestions and feedback to this, please email the Committee at theifacommittee@gmail.com