Attention of all teams: Behaviour & Conduct


It’s with regret that for the third time this calendar year, we as a Committee are having to remind teams of their behaviour and conduct during IFA matches.

The IFA is a friendly organisation and all teams have agreed to abide by our Rules and IFA Spirit, which are integral for our organisation to work.

Can we remind ALL teams that abuse of team mates, opposition players, teams and/or officials is completely unacceptable and teams that break this rule will face sanctions from our organisation.

This weekend we regret to inform all teams that following multiple breaches and two previous warnings, we have taken the unfortunate decision to exclude a team permanently from our organisation due to a number of incidents during fixtures both this and last season.

The IFA is no place for hot heads and any incidents where a player is dismissed for Violent Conduct, which includes striking an opponent (by kick, punch, elbow, headbutt etc.) or for the abuse of a match official, should be reported to the Committee.

If your team wants to operate in that manner, please let us know and we will politely encourage you to join a local Saturday or Sunday league away from our organisation.

On behalf of the IFA Committee

For full details of who’s who on the committee, please see the link below;