IFA Challenge Cup Rules

These rules are specific to the IFA Challenge Cup, also known as the IFA British Cup, and run alongside and in addition to the General IFA Rules and the IFA Spirit

  1. Format

1.1 All rounds of the IFA Challenge Cup are drawn on a national basis, encompassing teams in both the IFA English League and IFA Scottish League, meaning all teams understand that their tie may result in a long journey before applying to enter.

1.2 Each round has a deadline by which ties must have been played (barring any weather problems), and failure to agree dates, times and venues will be scrutinised by the IFA Committee.

1.3 The tie will be forfeited if one of the teams has not co-operated fully in agreeing match arrangements.

1.4 Ties must be reported as per Rule 4 of the General IFA Rules.

1.5 The deadline for first round ties to be played will be confirmed when the draw is made. Deadlines for the remaining rounds will be communicated in due course.

1.6 Semi-Final ties will be played at neutral venues.

1.7 The Final tie will take place at an IFA specified neutral venue.

  1. Switching

2.1 With the consent of both teams, in all rounds up to and including the quarter-finals, the away team can act as the home team or a neutral venue can be sought. This is to ensure ties are played before deadlines and to allow those who like to travel to do so. This will also cover for any logistical problems the drawn home team may have in booking a venue for the match, or for drawn away teams to accommodate onwards travel to their senior teams match on any given date.

  1. Match Conditions

3.1 Each tie must be played over the full 90 minutes unless both teams agree before kick-off.

3.2 No extra time will be played. If scores are level after 90 minutes, a penalty shoot-out will take place.

  1. Cup entry

4.1 All teams wishing to enter the competition must have played a minimum of 5 IFA British League games during any of the last three seasons (2019/20, 2020/21 or 2021/22) to gain entry.

4.2 In order to enter the IFA Cup, all teams will be required to submit their details via the Entry Form on the IFA Website, which also confirms that the rules and IFA Spirit have been communicated to all players.

4.3 An entry fee of £15 will be charged to all teams who enter, to contribute towards medals, officials and venue hire for the final.

4.4 Any team who has not submitted an entry form will not be included in the draw until they have done so.

Last update: 1 June 2022